Jiangsu Shisheng Machinery industry Limited company

Shisheng Introduction
Jiangsu Shi Sheng mechanical industrial limited membership yú United Kingdom world Sheng holding Group Corporation, is a professional engaged in coal mine mechanical design research, and processing manufacturing, and sales service and export trade of joint-stock company, products main has coal mine support nursing equipment of detection, and test class equipment, and coal mine support nursing equipment of production, and maintenance, and repair class equipment, and line equipment, and mine with monomer hydraulic pillar,, is over world 500 strong Enterprise (mineral class) of qualified supplier.
World Sheng group spirit "integrity based, innovation to far" of enterprise spirit, to "for China coal mine support nursing equipment maintenance, and detection test class equipment provides modernization solution programme" for mission, focus on build China first-class of coal mine support nursing equipment maintenance, and detection test class equipment of development production, and sales service, and test detection and the technology training base, achieved "brand visibility industry first, market share national first" of target, for China coal mine industrial of modernization construction made due of contribution.
Company was founded in 1995 with total registered capital of 110 million yuanfrom the United Kingdom mainland and invest in the two companies, Britishholdings. Yú 2008 by "coal science total homes Changzhou research trial Center" of more than 20 bit management personnel and the technology backbone for restructuring changed its name, now subordinates four home subsidiary; respectively for "Changzhou Romay mechanical limited" "Changzhou wujin district South summer Shu Thai often precision mechanical factory" "Jiangsu world Sheng mechanical industrial limited Hanoi branch" "Changzhou Howe Sen up international trade limited", by restructuring hòu company more vibrant, now has and global more than 20 a national and area established has cooperation relationship, and to annually 30% Speed increase! Companies actively developing export-orientedeconomy, has with the Viet Nam country India Russia and other countries of thecompany carry out technical exchanges and cooperation, products are exported toViet Nam and Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries
The company employs more than 360 people, including product development andengineering technical personnel more than 120 people, with middle and seniorstaff of more than more than 40 titles, Bachelor degree or above accounted formore than 85% employees; most of the technicians have been engaged in for decades coal mine support equipment testing, testing, repairequipmentdevelopment, production and service, has rich theoretical and practicalexperience
Company in XuzhouJiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi and Anhui, YunnanSichuan,Guangxi, Henan, Hebei, Northeast China, Shaanxi, Hunan, HubeiInner Mongolia,and Xinjiang, Urumqi, has offices and service agencies and other major coal-producing areas。
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