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Coal-fired electricity under the new energy strategy develop

Release date2015-04-14 |
November 19, 2014, circular of the released energy development strategy action plans (2014-2020 years) clear future a time China energy development of general strategy and action programme of, which most notable of is to out has energy consumption and coal consumption of ceiling, this in China energy history shàng is first times, previously energy supply of basic approach is meet needs, and future is to face energy and coal consumption of ceiling。 Action plan the goalsby 2020 energy consumption control about 4.8 billion tons of standard coal,about 4.2 billion tons of total coal consumption control, reducing coalconsumption, and by 2020 the share of coal consumption dropped to less than 62%.Confirms the objectives of energy consumption of China's power industry in coal-fired power plant would affect? let us take a look at the current situation.
According to the national statistical office and published by the ITU in economyand statistics on energy, electricity, coal consumption total energy consumptionin 2005, 2013, total consumption of primary energy consumption, coal coal, coalproduction and power consumption index per cent of coal consumption data shownin the table below:
Average annual growth rate of total energy consumption in 2005-2013 6。74%, butdown significantly in recent years。 2010-2013 4.88% annual increase in 2013,just 3.68%. Coal consumption's share in primary energy consumption began todecline, 2013 the highs of 2005 from about 70% to 65。7%, showed a fast declinein nearly three years, fallen 2.7% 2011-2013 two years. While electricity shareof coal consumption in a step by step upgrade, in 2013the proportion hadreached 54.78% and 4.38% more than in 2005. With the implementation of newstrategies for the development of energy this trend will continue.
Due to action plans set has 2020 years energy consumption and coal consumption of ceiling, so to 2013 years for base years, future of 7 years in the energy consumption and coal consumption of growth ceiling also on was qualified has, which energy consumption annual growth ceiling for 3.59%, coal consumption of annual growth ceiling for 2.18%, and by standard coal calculation should for 2.73%, this description coal improve units calorific value has into important task.
62% share of consumption of coal, needed seven years to reduce 3.7%. Whileproportion of electricity needs to be further improved, in 2020 to 58%。
In 2013, when full-diameter coal power generating capacity in China 3.9805 trillion-kilowatt, heat Coke 3.241 billion ringgit, 321 g/kWh of power supplycoal consumption, heating consumption 39。6 kg/Ji Jiao, 2.049 billion tonnes ofraw coal consumption。
In 2020according to 58% per cent of coal consumption of coal for electric power of goal setting, coal consumption for power supply and heat supply byreducing coal consumption 4.5%, 2020, when the ceiling on coal-fired electricity generating capacity was 5。0117 trillion-kilowatt。 In seven years at the coal-fired electricity generating capacity in increments of 1.0312 trillion-kilowatt,annual permit growth 147。32 billion kWh。 When the coal-fired electricitygeneration accounts for 65% total capacity consisting of, lower than in 2013 9%.
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